It was like a scene from a movie; our eyes met, locked on, and then we were drawn toward each other like magnets. He enveloped me with his long arms and a short kiss.

“I was hoping to see you here. I wasn’t sure which flight you were on” he said as he rocked me in his arms. “Am I a lucky guy or what? “

I grinned with delight before asking “what are you doing here?”

“Aunt Cecil business. She left Joel a sizeable inheritance. I’m meeting tomorrow with an advisor and there’s a group meeting tonight of other parents who are managing their children’s funds. It’s a big responsibility and I want to make sure I do what is best for Joel.” There was no doubt in my mind he was telling the truth and here for the benefit of his son.

“That’s great” I said, but I was disappointed that he left Kodiak just as I was returning.

“Brinkley sometimes I feel like we are ships passing in the night.”

I was stunned and groped for a reply but couldn’t think of anything to say. His comment sounded like a prelude to a breakup, and, it came after a warm greeting.

“Oh God, I hope you don’t think I meant….”

“No, no, Guy. I wasn’t thinking anything” I lied.

“It’s just that our timing seems to be off more than on. If only you were staying another night in Anchorage we could have enjoyed the big city together.” I believed that was a hint but I wasn’t budging. I wanted to go home. Plus, if he had been in better communication we could have arranged a rendezvous. Not now, not after a random meeting at the airport.

“We should do that sometime. It would be fun.” I was going to say more but was interrupted when a very attractive blonde woman approached us.

She gave him a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and slid one arm around his waist before turning to me, extending a hand to shake and said “Hi, I’m Lucinda.” Her eyes darted back and forth between us; apparently hoping for a proper introduction.

“I’m Brinkley, from Kodiak. It’s Nice to meet you Lucinda.”  My eyes were glued to this mystery person. I could see was wearing an Alaska Airlines lanyard with an airport identification tag attached.

Lucinda turned to face Guy. “We really should get out of here before we get caught in the after-work traffic” She turned her face toward me, eyeballed me from head to toe, and returned her gaze to Guy.

Guy finally broke his silence with a quick explanation that Lucinda saw Aunt Cecil’s obituary in the Anchorage paper called him to offer her condolences. She also offered him a buddy pass and a place to stay when he said he had business in Anchorage.” I’ll call you later” was all he said to me as they left.

The entire Lucinda interaction was awkward. I could have overanalyzed the situation, speculated on their relationship and ours, but instead I decided not to waste my energy and to accept it as stated, an airline pass and a place to crash for the night. Guy’s interest in me after his return to Kodiak would be much more interesting to analyze and fret over. Plus, until everything related to Aunt Cecil was resolved, he wasn’t going to be his normal self and capable of a relationship.

Feelings of pride rose over me as I realized just how mature and stable my thoughts had become. But, then again, it could be denial.


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