It was a glorious day and I didn’t have to be at the airport until 2pm. Even a restless night and mending ribs couldn’t stop me from working on the next stage of my decorating. I managed to get the living room tables, nightstand, and console table outside where I could work on them without covering the condo in dust. I used a fine grade sandpaper to distress the new paint job paying special attention to the corners and any raised areas that would normally receive wear.

After restaging the newly distressed furniture inside, I stepped back for a look. I was pleased with the results and motivated to continue. There was no way I could have moved the big pieces outside by myself so I did my best to contain my mess as I sanded indoors. As a finishing touch, I put a little of the taupe wall paint on Eddie and Daisey’s paws and lightly pressed them on one corner of the coffee table. The only big project left was window coverings and that would just have to wait for another visit to Anchorage.

I went though my favorite fast food restaurant on the way to the airport.  After checking in the rat terriers, my suitcase, and me, I ran into friends from Kenai and then friends from Nome. Finally, I made my way to the gate where I could catch my breath and eat my lunch. I read several pages of my book before other people started to assemble in the gate area for the flight to Kodiak. At first I didn’t pay much attention to the couple wearing the large lapel buttons but then I noticed there were more people wearing them. I changed seats so that I could sit close enough to read one.

The pins were a photo of Hope Wilson with a plea for information about her return. A part of me, a very bad part, wanted to ask the wearer if she was aware that the girl’s body had been found. I finally asked if she was a friend of the girl. She responded that she worked with her mother several years ago and went on to talk about the devastation the family was feeling. No doubt about it, she knew the girl was gone without actually speaking the words.

I was relieved to see that an effort was made to find out information about the girl. With their being three disappearances last week, I worried the girl’s disappearance and death would be overshadowed by the two older women who stood out in the community. As I looked around at several other button wears, it was obvious I had underestimated the impact that a child’s death would have on a small community. After the woman informed me she was coming to Kodiak to attend the girl’s funeral tomorrow, I went back to reading my book until our plane arrived.

It’s always interesting to see not only who will be in the waiting area for your flight, and how many of them you know, but it’s also fun to see who gets off the plane coming from Kodiak.  I was just thinking that today was a bust due to my friends and acquaintances staying home for the festival and upcoming funerals when I saw Guy come through the tarmac door.



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