After breakfast and a long dog walk, I got to work on plans to change the condo from Granny’s house to a not-so-shabby chic. I filled the bathtub with hot water, added tea bags, and let them seep while I made a list of the furniture I wanted to paint. I added my new floral slip covers for the couch, chair, and ottoman in the tea bath before leaving a message for the local day labor coop. Tomorrow I would get some help.

There was a small downtown shop from last night that I couldn’t get out of my mind. My curiosity was peaked so I decided to drive over and see if it was open. I had few complaints about Anchorage traffic when I lived in the city but I did find parking difficult. Today I had my choice of spots even though many of the businesses were open on Sunday afternoon.

I found the store and, as luck would have it, it was open. I entered the glass doors stenciled “Nano Nosh” and was instantly impressed by the clean and modern décor. The display case was filled with small edibles artfully arranged on modern glass trays. There were dozens of cookies, six types of cupcakes, a variety of cheese straws and other savories. I decided to look around before ordering.

The store was long and narrow and both walls were aged dark red brick. The wall behind the display case had long, beautiful, linear alder wood slats arranged vertically and covering about a five foot by twelve-foot section of the brick. The opposite wall held a long, brown leather banquette with simple small white pedestal tables every four feet. There were brown leather slipper chairs at every other table. Modern glass pendant lights hung above each seating area. The only decorations were strategically placed glass vases in red and olive green.

I was surprised at the minimalist inventory and wondered if the business could survive. My concern lessened when I read the price placards. I ordered three cookies, one black forest cupcake and a bundle of cheese straws for a total of $18. The woman behind the counter was as sleek and modern as the store. She had a blunt-cut asymmetrical bob, stark makeup and an orange leather jacket. She was receptive to talking so I picked her brain about the business model.

On the drive back to the condo my phone rang. I was missing my friends and Guy so I was a bit disappointed when the call was from the labor cooperative. I had 6 workers lined up to arrive at 7am tomorrow. I stopped at the grocery store to get breakfast, lunch, and snack items for the crew. I left a message for the doggie camp that I would be dropping off the ratties at 6:30am. When I returned to the condo I got everything organized for tomorrow so the workers could start right away and not a moment would be wasted.

After a nice long walk with the dogs, some soup, and a hot bath, I was ready to spend the evening in bed reading with a cup of wild rose tea and my $7 cupcake. I was comfy and concentrating on my book when the phone rang. This time it was someone from Kodiak, Ginger.

In fifteen minutes she brought me up to date on the happenings in Kodiak over the last two days. Crab Festival was ending tomorrow and she was looking forward to the break. She said Libby’s disappearance remained the talk of the town seconded only by the death of the teenage girl found in Ft. Abercrombie. We discussed my attraction to Guy although I knew that Ginger was turned off by his less-than-manicured appearance. She favored the metro sexual type.  

“So, when are you coming home?” Ginger sounded like a parent of a run-away child.

“Tomorrow I have some repairmen coming so I should be home Tuesday afternoon.” I wanted to keep the new decorating a surprise for the next time Ginger stayed in the condo.

“I’ll be busy at the festival and then taking down the booth but I can ask my darling husband to pick you up at the airport” she offered.

“Don’t worry about it. You know how it is – I’ll know at least half the people on the plane and can beg a ride into town”. We both laughed and then called it a night.


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