I was drunk with happiness. Not only did I expect Guy to be cleared of any suspicion, for the first time in my life I was happy about my talent. All those years of feeling cursed were suddenly erased by being able to use my ability in such a positive way. My euphoria was interrupted by the barking of two excited rat terriers. Eddie and Daisy stared at the picture window and while I tried to calm them they ran around to the back door.

            I ran after the ratties in time to see movement on the back-door knob. Luckily, I had a dead bolt on both doors so turning the bottom knob was not going to allow entry by an intruder. I ran around making sure all my windows were locked before thinking to call 911. When I could hear the sirens approaching, I felt brave enough to look out the window of the back door. I saw a dark figure leaving my property. After he jumped the short fence he turned to face the house. I couldn’t say with absolutely certainty but he looked like John Sinclair. What is his problem? Well, other than accusing him of murdering his wife.

            The police looked around and to my knowledge, found nothing. Patsy saw the flashing lights and made her way down to my house to offer support once again. When the police left Patsy offered to spend the night on my couch. I wanted to say there’s no need but instead I said “thank you.” She made a quick trip home to get her pajamas as I made the couch up into a bed. I used my second bedroom as a sewing and craft room so guests get the couch.

            I was too shaken to sleep. I tossed and turned for an hour before taking a Benadryl to make me sleepy. I have no idea how long I had been asleep before I heard a voice saying “Brinkley, wake up. The police are here again.” I was startled to see her in my house before I remembered that Patsy was spending the night.

            “What? What’s going on?” I asked sleepily.

            “I don’t know but they are in the living room and want to talk to you”

            “At this hour?” I realized I was directing my agitation toward Patsy. “Sorry” I said.” I’m a little disoriented.”

            Patsy pulled back the covers and grabbed my slippers. “Let’s get this over with so we can both go back to sleep and end this dreadful day.”

            It was Kelvin Bishop. In our previous meetings he looked very serious and official in his uniform. Tonight he was in civilian clothes and he still looked dead serious.

            “Sorry if I woke you. I saw you still had lights on and thought that you might be having trouble sleeping after the events of today.”

            “It’s OK but why are you here? Is there something else wrong?” I tried to sound concerned and not grumpy at being drug out of bed so quickly after I put so much effort into falling asleep.

            Kelvin looked toward Patsy and I knew that he wanted to talk to me alone. I asked Patsy to keep the dogs quiet and she took the hint to leave the room.

            “I heard you were involved with Guy Hanson’s release tonight. Something about you proving it was a Cecil’s death was a suicide. Why are you involved in two missing persons cases and why was John Sinclair attempting to get in your house tonight?”

            “So, it was him” I said in my best movie sleuth voice.

            The police officer nodded and informed me that John was being charged with trespassing. “Brinkley, you are playing with fire. Please let us do our job. And, if you know something you need to tell me or another officer……”

            I interrupted him. “I know that John isn’t telling the truth about the disappearance of his wife if that is what you mean.”

            Kelvin shook his head slightly and pursed his lips. “Do you have any evidence of his involvement?”

            “No. A wise man recently told me to let the police do their job and that evidence is their job.”

            As he rose to leave I could see that he was confused and unhappy. I should have told him but I’d had enough disclosure for one day. Plus, if the police want evidence then they should gather it. My concern was staying out of John Sinclair’s way until they did.


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