The young couple was enjoying their hike around Fort Abercrombie almost as much as they were enjoying each other’s company. Beautiful wild flowers and breath-taking vistas added to the romantic feeling of their Kodiak honeymoon.

The brochures were right; Kodiak was a great honeymoon destination for the outdoorsy couple. The island offered hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and bird watching this time of year. There were several hotels and B&B’s to choose from and a good assortment of restaurants for a small town. A vacation with nothing too fancy or pretentious – just comfortable and casual where a couple could relax and enjoy a stress free and beautiful environment.

They weren’t sure if it was the beautiful scenery, the danger of walking so close to the cliffs, or all the fresh, clean air but passion grabbed the newlyweds. They left the trail looking for a secluded spot to make love for the third time today.

They tried to step between the lupines so as not to crush the beautiful wildflowers. At first it was difficult but soon they found a slight trail – perhaps a thoroughfare for small mammals or newly cut trail by a larger animal.

As they neared the stand of trees with a promise of privacy, he came to a sudden stop. His arm came back automatically to stop her much like a parent protecting a child when making a sudden break in a car. He spun around and urged her to go back the way they came. What was it, a Kodiak bear?

They were face to face and trying to go different directions. It didn’t work – they fell together and then took a short tumble toward the stand of trees. That is when she realized what he saw. A dead body.


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