As promised, the doctor came around early the next morning. So early, that he woke us up and it took a moment to hone in on the meaning of his words. He felt that my wounds were not consistent with simply falling back in my chair and then having a waiter trip over me. After carefully examining my tests the night before, he felt it was his duty to inform the police of a possible assault. That was the bad news; the good news was that he convinced the police it would be better to interview me at my home instead of keeping me in the hospital any longer. I was to contact Officer Bishop as soon as I returned home.

            Mary Margaret took me home; we made the call, and then waited for Kelvin to come interview us. This was not how I intended to spend the first official day of Crab Festival. While there were activities all week, the official Crab Festival ran from the Thursday before the holiday through Memorial Day on Monday.  I suddenly realized I was supposed to help display quilts this morning and I had a strong urge to get my dogs back.

            “We can get Eddie and Daisey after the interview” she seemed to be reading my mind. “And, don’t worry about the quilt hanging or working the Women’s Shelter booth today. I talked to the guild President and Ginger who, of course, had already booked a replacement for you. I also ran into Nick from the animal shelter and when I told him about you, he said he would find a replacement. If you had any other commitments just let me know and I will contact them for you.”

            “This is not your fault, you know” I looked Mary Margaret straight in the eyes.

            “I know but if you hadn’t gone with me at my insistence this would not have happened.”

            “Actually” I said “if I hadn’t gone, it could have been worse. This was a warning. If this person found me in a different situation, it could have been more than just a warning.”

            With that statement, I released my friend’s guilt.


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