The Wednesday edition of the Island Breeze led with the story about the disappearance of Cecil. The article stated she asked Guy the day before to take her out for a boat ride as they had done many times before. She brought along a large covered basket with a thermos of coffee and muffins and they ate breakfast in the harbor before heading out. Guy was in the wheelhouse and Cecil was on the back deck during their voyage. He reported seeing Cecil move from the deck to down below at one point.

The article went on to say that after about an hour he was about to turn the boat around when he decided to get a bottle of water for himself and ask his aunt if she wanted one. He did not see her on deck or down below. He called for her with no response. He called for help and the Coast Guard came to help. Because he had been in the wheelhouse and Cecil was out of his sight line, he was unsure of how long she had been missing.

No trace of Cecil was found. Alaska State Troopers searched Guy’s boat but found nothing to indicate what happened to Cecil. Her basket contained only the empty thermos, plastic wrap and soiled paper napkins, two coffee mugs, and a long plastic bag. With the exception of the thermos and mugs, the items were crumbled up like trash in the basket. The last paragraph of the article covered Cecil’s terminal illness, almost as though this information was added as an after thought. There was also a Crime Buster reward for information concerning the disappearance of Cecil.

In a small corner of the first page was a request for information on the disappearance of an eighteen year old girl last seen by her family on Monday. The family used a cap and gown photo of the young girl for the article. Apparently, there had not been enough time or interest yet to raise a reward.

I put the paper down as I heard footsteps approaching my door. I recognized Dr. Benjamin Jansen. “Are you ready to get out of here tomorrow?” he asked.

“I sure am”

“Then I’ll be around early tomorrow so you can go home. That’s depending on everything going well tonight, of course.” I guess a doctor has to add that caveat.

“Oh course” I agreed with a huge smile.


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