All that he could think about was what would happen to his family if he was found to be involved with her. He had worked too hard to get to where he was to throw it all away on what? This girl? She came from a low-life family and she drank too much and could be crude. Although, being crude sometimes was what attracted him to her. She was willing to do just about anything in the name of fun. The old saying “I’ll try anything once” was her mantra.

            His mind was racing for a response to this dilemma. Something is very wrong with her. He couldn’t wake her up. How much had she had to drink? They had a few together but she had obviously been drinking before. She was breathing but it didn’t sound normal. Suddenly, it started.

            The convulsion was rapid and hard. Her limbs and torso began to shake uncontrollably and while he was worried that she could harm herself, he was more worried that this would expose him.” Please, please, please” he begged her to stop. Instead, she seemed to worsen. He smelled urine and saw the dark spot on the upholstery grow. The bitch! What was she doing? Trying to ruin his life? Didn’t she care about anyone other than herself? How could she do this to him?

            Suddenly her body relaxed and he tried to waken her with no success. She now had small spasms and her breathing was erratic – some long deep breaths followed by rapid shallow breathing. The time between breaths seemed to grow and he realized that she might die without medical help. But, what could he do? A foamy liquid exited her mouth. Suddenly, the women he found so appealing and couldn’t wait to have sex with now disgusted him.

If he took her to the hospital there would be questions? He should call 911 but he was afraid – afraid that they would see his truck leaving as they came to her rescue, afraid they could somehow trace the call back to him. No, she created this and he was not going to take the fall for her. She began to moan and move around. Was she coming around? If was then that he noticed her face. One side of her face was drawn down as if she was frowning.  He recognized the look from when his paternal grandmother had a stroke. But meme was in her eighties, not young like this woman. He recognized that she needed medical help immediately if she was going to survive.



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