The girl waited for the phone to ring. She was tempted to call her lover but knew better. If only she had a dime for every minute she spent waiting on him to call or wondering if she would see him. She would have enough money to leave this island and move to Seattle.

Since childhood she dreamed of living her life in a big city. Now only money and her lover kept her from fulfilling her dream. She truly believed she would be at the airport, bags packed, on the day she turned eighteen. Now with her nineteenth birthday visible, she felt trapped.

 She realized that he wasn’t going to call. His promise was probably just to appease her and keep her calm. After all, she had exploded when he mentioned he was going on vacation with his wife and kids. Was he still angry with her for her behavior? Was this the end? She reached for the nearby pipe and her drug of choice. “Screw him” she thought as the chemicals numbed her pain. Time to go out.



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